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Motto: The motto of N.C.C. is Unity and Discipline


1) To develop qualities of Character, Courage, Comradeship, Discipline, Leadership, Secular Outlook, Spirit of Adventure and Sportsmanship and Ideals of Selfless Service among the youth to make them useful citizens.

2) To create human resources of organized, trained and motivated youth, to provide leadership in all walks of life include in the Armed Forces, and be always available for the service of the nation.


       Means the training of body and mind to enable a person to lead a healthy and orderly life without offence to others. In the schools and colleges, military discipline is imparted to the students by the National Cadet Corps discipline is the ladder for successs in life. NCC aims at preparing the youth for careers in Defence Services.


      The N.C.C of S.S.& N College, has a glorious past. It's Officers and Cadets brought good name & fame to the college. Our college NCC unit in 1956 and about to compete 50 years and going to celebrate its 'Golden Jubilee'. There were one NCC infantry company and four NCC rifle companies in the college. The cadet strength was 1000. Eight lecturers served as part time NCC Officers. Of them Major V. Madhava Rao and LT. K.C.R. Naidu functioned as administrative officers / officers commanding NCC units on whole time basis. The parades were held regularly and the cadets attended them with all enthusiasm. The training imparted was of very high order. The discipline maintained was severe. Hundred's of cadets were trained for B & C certificates. Several of them functioned as under-officers and senior under-officers. Half a dozen to one dozen under-officers / senior under-officers attended the re-public day parades.

      NCC, Independence, Republic day parades were held with all enthusiasm and efficiency attracting Narasaraopet Public. The events conducted at them were very interesting. So to say the NCC Infantry and Rifle companies.

1. Major V. Madhava Rao

      Major V. Madhava Rao was commissioned in NCC Rifles in the year 1960. He received pre-commission training at Kamptee near Nagpur. He also did officers special course 2 at NCC academy, Purandhar for six months in the year 1963. He had become the senior most NCC officer in the college. He served as administrative officer. NCC battaolon at Trichur, Kerala for one year from 1963 to 1964. He served as administrative officer 2(A). Engineering unit Waltair for one year from 1964-1965. He also served as administrative officer / officiating officer commanding 30(A) battalion Warangal for two years from 1965 to 1967. He further served as officiating officer commanding 23(A) NCC battalion, Narasaraopet. In 1972, he left the college to join as principal at Sri Sarvodaya College, Nellore.

2. Lt. G. Laxman Swamy

      Lt. G. Laxman Swamy commanded NCC infantry company S.S.&N College, Narasaraopet as part time NCC officer for a few years. Later he joined Baruka College of Commerce, Nampalley, Hyderabad as Vice-Principal.

3. Major P.V. Ramana Reddy

      Major P.V. Ramana Reddy commissioned on 26-07-1957, commanded NCC infantry company of the college from 1957 to 1963. commanded NCC infantry company of the college from 1957 to 1972. He also served as an AO of 23(A) Bn.NCC. It's a remarkable event to our institution. A captain acted as an AO.

4. Cap. A. Madhura Prasad

      Cap. A. Madhura Prasad commissioned in 1957, commanded NCC infantry company of the college from 1957 to 1972. He also served as an AO of 23(A) Bn.NCC. It's a remarkable event to our institution. A captain acted as an AO.

5. Cap. K. Kalyanam Krishna Murthy

      Cap. K. Kalyanam Krishna Murthy commanded one of the NCC Rifle companies of the college for a long period till his retirement.

6. Major G.S.R. Sarma

      Major G.S.R. Sarma comanded second rifle company of the college for a long time till his retirement. Major sarma also served as Commanding Officer for 23(A) Bn.NCC, Narasaraopet. It's a great privilege to our institution a Major became a Commanding Officer.

7. Cap. K. Brahmaiah

      Cap. K. Brahmaiah commanded third rifle company for a long time till he served in our college.

8. Sri K.C.R. Naidu

      K.C.R. Naidu, commanded fourth rifle company for some time late he functioned as Administrative Officer of NCC battalion in Kerala and other places.

9. Bala Rami Reddy and G. Satya Narayana both served in NCC for a long time.

10. J. Venkateswara Rao, Retd. Principal, and T. Krishna Murthy, both undergone NCC Officer Training.

11. Major M.R.K. Murthy

      Major M.R.K. Murthy, first joined as a demonstrator in 1972 and became a lecturer in 1977 and worked as Head of the Department of Botany (2002-2003). Besides those hardships Major M.R.K. Murthy rendered his services to N.C.C during his tenure. It's a prestagious thing to mention that his service can be recognised as a golden feather in the history of N.C.C who worked for more than 23 years (1979-2002). He attended one adventurous camp is cycle expedition. In this expedition 20 cadets of our college participated. They pedalled about 625 kms. And also two army attachment camps, Pre-Republic Day camp at Secunderabad, All India Summer training camp, basic leadrship camp at Himachal Pradesh.

      He also won medals olke seven years long service medal, 12 years long service medal. He also contributed to society at various levels like tree plantation, traffic control, clean and green, aids awareness, and blood donation, etc.,

      He also worked as warden of our college attached hostel for 12 years (1990-2002).

12. Lt. B.S. Rama Krishnam Raju

      Lt. B.S. Rama Krishnam Raju is the present N.C.C officer of the unit. He was commissioned in the year 2004. An alumni of the college who was the N.C.C. cadet during the year 1986 to 1989 and even served as Jr. Under Officer Major M.R.K. Murthy the then N.C.C Officer. As a cadet he wishes to serve his mother institute all the more. Besides working as a Lecturer in English, he has been successfully rendering his services as N.C.C Officer and warden to the college attached Hostel and it was in the same year he got the chance of attending a Refresher Course No. Ref/PI-I/SD/DC-2005 (19-07-2004 to 16-10-2004) at Kampte, Nagpur. He got the number NCC/01110085.




S.No. Regtl. No. Rank Name of Cadet Year Name of the Event/Prize
1. 56/3001 Sgt. V. Chandrasekhara Rao 1956 Attended Republic Day
2. 56/3023 Sgt. D. Satyanarayana 1956 Attended Republic Day
3. 56/3028 Sgt. S. Rama lingam 1956 Attended Delhi Contingent
4. 56/3042 Sgt. S. Siva Rami Reddy 1956 Attended Delhi Contingent
5. 57   S. Rama Brahamam   Won the best cup
6. 60/18003 Sgt. G.K. Surya Prakasa Rao   Attended all India Summer Leadership Training Camp at J&K
7. 60/18654 S.U.O. K. Rama Subba Reddy   Represented Delhi Contingent
8. 78/28818 L.C.P.L. P. Rama Rao 1979 PRDC at Secunderabad
9. 81/32244 S.G.T. P. Lakshminarayana 1982 PRDC at Secunderabad
10. 82/30946 C.P.L. K. Willson 1982 PRDC at Secunderabad
11. 82/30932 C.P.L. R. Balaji Singh 1982 PRDC at Secunderabad
12. 86/30981 C.U.O. B.S. Rama Krishna Raju 1987 Attended all India tracking camp at Srinagar
13. 96/33120 C.U.O. K. Srinivasa Rao 1997 PRDC at Secunderabad
14. 96/33175 C.U.O. J.S.N. Murthy 1997 RDC at Secunderabad
15. 96/33175 C.U.O. J.S.N. Murthy 1999 RDC at Delhi
16. 79/30637 Sgt. N. Rama Rao 1981 PRDC at Secunderabad
17. 84/30734 S.C.U.O. S. Rama Brahmam 1986 RDC at Delhi
18. 84/30737 C.U.O. S. Narasimha Rao 1986 PRDC at Secunderabad
19. 84/30737 C.U.O. S. Narasimha Rao 1985 BLC at Goragon

       Thousands of N.C.C. Cadets have attended Number of Army Attachment Camps, Tracking Camps, National Integration Camps, Basic Leadership Camps and Annual Training Camps.

Details of some old N.C.C. Cadets who are in various departments, they are

S.No. Regtl. No. Rank Name of Cadet Year Present Designation
1 A.P.S.D/192370 Cdt. K.C. Reddy 1963 A.P. State Council of Higher Education, Hyderabad
2 190117 Cdt. V. Bala Mohan Dass 1963 Vice-Chancellor, Acharya Nagarjuna University
3 190513 Cdt. Kasu Venkata Krishna Reddy 1963 M.L.A., Narasaraopet
4 690 Cdt. K.V.P. Rama Chandra Rao 1965 Chief Advisor of Govt.of A.P.
5 4822 Cdt. K.A. Reddy 1959 Ret. Lecturer in Zoology, S.S.&N. College, Narasaraopet
6 4845 Cdt. Dondeti Krishna Reddy 1959 Ex M.L.A., Narasaraopet
7 4926 Cdt. P. Krishnadevarayalu 1960 Doctor, Narasaraopet
8 4868 Cdt. K. Anjeneyulu 1960 Ex Surpanch, Bukkapuram
9 44571 Cdt. K. Gopalratnam 1968 Vice-Principal, S.K.R.B.R. College, Narasaraopet
10 44447 Cdt. G. Pardhasaradhi 1969 Professor, U.S.A
11 45452 Cdt. Ch. Yogananda Reddy 1965 Lecturer in Hindi, S.K.R.B.R. College, Narasaraopet
12 45679 Cdt. K. Rajasankara Rao 1965 Principal (F.A.C),S.S.&N. College, Narasaraopet

Achievements of Our N.C.C. Cadets

  1. N.C.C. Cadet B. Chandraiah had donated blood for the needed person Sk. Raheem, and saved his life on JUly 19th 2003.

  2. On the occasion of N.C.C day 23rd Nov 2003, Flag haisting by our college President Sri Kasee Rama Rao.

  3. On 28th Nov 2004 the occasion of N.C.C day Chief Guest Sri Kasu Krishna Reddy, M.L.A., Narasaraopet, receiving Guest of Honour by N.C.C. Cadets. And Acharya Nagarjuna University Vice-Chancellor Sri Venugopal Reddy receiving by Guest Honour by N.C.C Cadets in te Police Parade Ground. After N.C.C Cadets are organized cultural programmes at the presence of District J.P. Jitenda

  4. On 29th Nov 2004, the P.C.C Leader, our local M.L.A. Kasu Krishna Reddy gave a speech for the N.C.C students dedicate for the peace of India.

  5. On the function of Republic Day (26th Jan 2005), the Chief Guest Indira Priyadarshini Awardee sanghoddaraka Sri Nagasarapu Rama Rao receiving a guest of honour byu N.C.C Cadets.

  6. On 23rd Jan 2005, our college old student the Chairman of Higher Education of Andhra Pradesh, chenchu Reddy receiving a guest of honour by N.C.C. Students.

  7. On the celebration of S.S.&N. College Anniverseday Celebrations, the Chief Guests our M.P. Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy, and Kasu Krishna Reddy, they gave the Tri Cycles for the hndicapped students.

  8. On 24th July 2005, N.C.C Cadet N.V. Ramesh donated the blood for a woman with in the dangerous position.

  9. K.K. Funth taking part in the peace ralley along with the S.S&N. College N.C.C. Students on the occasion of the birthaday of Mahatma Gandhi.

  10. S.S&N. College N.C.C. Cadets, Mani Kanta, Pavana Kumar, B. Srikanth donated the blood for two women who are dangerous condition. N.C.C. Cadets saved their olfe.

  11. On 10th Nov 2005, S.S&N. College N.C.C. Cadet Siva Krishna selected under nineteen statewide Wrestling Competition.

  12. On 18th Nov 2005, a woman T. Rama Devi felt heart pain when she needed blood S.S&N. College N.C.C. Cadets Mallikarjuna Rao, Siva Rambabu, and Venkateswarlu donated blood for T. Rama Devi.

  13. On 23rd NOv 2005, S.S&N. College N.C.C. Cadets organised a ralley through the Narasaraopet town, collected some money for the victims of the dead soldiers families. In the context of the Chief Guest our college president. Sri Kailavai Kasi Rama Rao donated eight thousand rupees worth of D.D. send to Delhi for the victim families.

  14. On the 27th Nov 2005, the Chief Guest of 57th N.C.C. day, N.C.C Flag haisting by Sri Kasu Krishna Reddy and he gave a message for the N.C.C Cadets.

  15. On 2nd Nov 2005, S.S&N. College N.C.C. Cadets organised a World Aids Day Ralley. The Chief Guest Sri Kasu Krishna Reddy.

  16. On 8th Dec 2005, D.S.P. Prudhvi Narayana attended as a Chief Guest on the occasion of Army Flag Day Celebration in the College Auditorium for the help of Ex Soldiers and dead Soldiers families.

  17. On 8th September 2002, Sri Kasu Krishna Reddy alog with the N.C.C. Cadets attended a green and town development programme and the N.C.C Cadets are participating three plantation in the premises of Narasaraopet town.

  18. On 12th Aug 2002, the occasion of Aids Iradication ralley organised by S.S&N. College N.C.C. Students. The students can make the words against the Devil of Aids. The Chief Guests of honour the District N.S.S. Officer V.C. Alluraiah, Programme Officers Rama Krishnam Raju and some people also participated in the Aids Iradication Ralley.

  19. On 24th Nov 2002, the N.C.C day celebrations, the N.C.C. Cadets make a parade and the Chief Guest our college President Sri Kasee Rama Rao receiving a Guest Honour. In this occasion he gave a message, N.C.C day celebrations were conducting for past 54 years without fail. This N.C.C day celebration watched by N.C.C 23rd Battalion Head Office Staff Havaldar, Mahendra Singh.

  20. On 19th Sep 2002, the occasion Plant Developments Programme organised by Municipal Officers in the Transco Office. S.S&N. College N.C.C. Cadets participated in this programme and makes successful. The chief Guest of this Plant Developments Programme is the Southern Power D.E. Muni Krishnaiah. He was also heartfully enjoys the programme.

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