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   National Service Scheme


         The motto of the National Service Scheme is “Not me but you” and this reflects democratic spirit and emphasizes the relevance of selfless service, through its endeavour.

         The N.S.S. units of the college conduct regular activities through academic year. Tree Plantation, campus beautification, Sramadanam, are some of the activities of the units. Assisting and involving the medical staff in their programmes like pulse polio, Mass Drug Administration programme, Public Health activities is a regular feature. The volunteers of N.S.S. helped on a number of occasions like drought, floods, earthquakes, Tsunami etc. The units visit the service organizations regularly such as Home for the aged, School for the blind, and School for disabled and Orphans. Conducting awareness rallies like National Integrations rally, Pulse Polio awareness rally, Literacy rally, Sadbhavana Peace rally, World A.I.D.S. day rally etc., are effectively organized by the college units.

         The N.S.S. units have got good rapport with the local service organizations like Lions Club, Rotary Club, Comprehensive Rural Development Society, Hands of Compassion, Gandhi Adhyayana Kendram, Gandhi Smaraka Seva Samithi, Vasavi Club, Jiddu Krishna Murthy Seva Samithi, and Potti Sri Ramulu Seva Samithi. Andhra Pradesh AIDS Control Society etc.,

         The N.S.S. units are maintaining a list of blood donors with all details of blood groups so that the persons who are need of blood at times of emergency may contact the donors through the N.S.S. Programme officers of our units.

         The N.S.S. units maintain public relations with Non-Governmental organizations and Government organizations like staff of Leprosy Department, Government Hospital, State Aids Control Society, A.P. Aksharadeepthi, Municipal Staff, the Forest Conservator and the Police. The units take the help of these organizations in conducting various programmes. Our units have conducted many free medical camps and in deserving cases, they are referred to Govt General Hospital Narasaraopet and Guntur.

         In co-operation with state resource centre, Govt of A.P. Hyderabad and in association with M.D.O Narasaraopet and Akshradeepthi volunteers, our units are organizing adult education centers in adopted villages and urban slum areas in Narasaraopet town.

         It was with the assistance of the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, Govt. of India, the N.S.S. state Liaison officer, and the NSS cell Acharya Nagarjuna University our units organized a massive rally on 3rd Dec 2004. Nearly 5000 volunteers from various colleges in Narasaraopet, Chilakaluripet, Vinukonda, Sattenpalli and Piduguralla participated in it.

         The competent authority selected one of our talented volunteers for participating in Republic day celebrations and another camp volunteer was selected for National Integration camp held at New Delhi.

         Conducting special camps is one of the main activities of N.S.S. units for a period of 10 days with the co-operation of local organizations and the public. Our units conducted many special camps in various adopted villages like paragaticherla, Tubadu, Guravayapalem, Kotappakonda, Ravipadu, Lingamguntla, Allurivaripalem, Annaram, Yellamanda etc., with the themes of Jalasamvardhan, Youth for Swattcchatta, Youth for Harlyali, Youth for Development etc.,

         The coastal Andhra Pradesh is prone for cyclones and in such calamities our NSS units rose to the occasion and renderd all possible help with the co-operation of Government, Voluntary organisations and philanthropic people from society.

        Our N.S.S volunteers stand in the forefront to eradicate social evils like eve teasing, obscenity and violence in films with the help of Gandhi Smaraka Samithi, Narasaraopet.

National Service Scheme Activities for the Year 2005-06

S.No. Date Place Activity Participants / Guests
1. Every 3rd Saturday S S & N College Premises & Narasaraopet Municipal limits Clean & Green sponsored by Govt. of A.P. N.S.S., P.O’s and Volunteers
2. 21-05-05 Sub-Jail, Narasaropet Anti Terrorism Day N.S.S., P.O.’s, and Volunteers
3. 30-05-05 selection of a villege Visiting Adopted Village N.S.S., P.O.’s, and Volunteers
4. 05-06-05 S S & N College, Narasaraopet World Environment Day Sri M. Anil Kumar, NSS PO’s and Volunteers
5. 20-06-05 S S & N College, Narasaraopet N.S.S. Advisory Committee Meeting Principal, Programme Officers and Members
6. 05-07-05 S S & N College, Narasaraopet Orientation & Refreshed classes Programme Officers and Members
7. 11-07-05 S S & N College, Narasaraopet World Population Day N.S.S., P.O.’s, and Volunteers
8. 29-07-05 S S & N College, Narasaraopet Removal of Parthian Plants N.S.S., P.O.’s, and Volunteers
9. 09-08-05 S S & N College, Narasaraopet Youth for Swatchatha N.S.S., P.O.’s, and Volunteers
10. 26-08-05 Acharya Nagarjuna University P.O’s Meeting Sri V. Balamohandas, Vice-Chancellor and N.S.S Co-ordinator
11. 31-08-05 S S & N College, Narasaraopet Clean & Green Programme Principal, P.O’s and Voluntees
12. 06-09-05 Acharya Nagarjuna University Blood Donation Camp Sri V. Balamohandas,Vice-Chancellor and N.S.S Co-ordinator
13. 08-09-05 S S & N College, Narasaraopet International LiteracyDay English & Telugu Departments
14. 02-10-05 S S & N College, Narasaraopet Gandhi Jayanthi Sri K. Kasi Rama Rao and Sri N. Rama Rao
15. 11-11-05 Narasaraopet Mass Day Administration Govt. Hospital Doctors, Staff , N.S.S PO’s and Voulteers
16. 19-11-05 Area Hospital, Narasaraopet Meeting Sri K. Krishna Reddy (M.L.A.) Doctors, PO’s and Volunteers
17. 19-11-05 to 25-11-05 S S & N College, Narasaraopet Quami-ekta week Prof. Z.Vishnuvardhan Rao, N.S.S PO’s and Volunteers
18. 01-12-05 Narasaraopet World Aids Day rally Sri K. Krishna Reddy, M.L.A., R.D.O., Municipal Commissioner, Municipal Chair Person, P.O.’s and Volunteers
19. 15-12-05 Guntur District Level Youth Leadership training Programme Volunteers
20. 30-12-05 Acharya Nagarjuna University Youth Festival Sri V. Balamohandas,Vice-Chancellor and N.S.S Co-ordinator
21. 12-01-06 S S & N College, Narasaraopet National Youth Day N.S.S. Volunteers & P.O.’s
22. 16-01-06 Narasaraopet Pulls Polio Immunization R.D.O, Doctors, PO’s and Volunteers
23. 26-01-06 Acharya Nagarjuna University Republic Day Rally Sri V. Balamohandas,Vice-Chancellor and N.S.S Co-ordinator
24. 20-02-06 Acharya Nagarjuna University PO's Meeting Sri V. Balamohandas,Vice-Chancellor and N.S.S Co-ordinator
25. 26-02-06 Kotappakonda Maha Siva Rathri Festival N.S.S. Co-ordinator, PO’s and Volunteers

A Report on Youth Red Cross Society

(Organized by the Indian Red Cross Society, Hyderabad)


           As per the instructions of the Commissioner of Collegiate Education Hyderabad, S S & N College Youth Red Cross Society was established in the year 2000-2001. Dr. K. Sreerama Murthy, Principal was the Chairman, Sri K.V. Subbarao Incharge, Department of commerce acted as secretary of the organization (YRS). Sri P.V. Hanumath Sastry, Sri K. Ramanjaneya Reddy and M.Anil Kumar acted as members of the Youth Red Cross Society, Mr. Sk. M.D.Gouse, and Kum.K. Rama Geetha acted as student representatives. The society conducted many activities like AIDS awareness, Clean & Green, Blood Grouping, Youth Literacy Programme Adult Education programmes and distribution of phylaria tablets in the municipal wards of Narasaraopet. Quiz, Debate, Elocution, Songs and cultural programmes were conducted. Nearly 200 students of various courses got enrolled as members of Youth Red Cross Society of our college.

         During the year 2002-06 Sri P.V. Hanumath Sastry was appointed as secretary of the organization Sri K. Ramanjaneya Reddy and Sri M.Anil Kumar acted as members of the society. Mr. B.Bala Raju, Mr. K. Lakshman & Mr.K. Venkateswara Rao are student representative members. Nearly 225 students joined as members of the society. The present office bearers of Youth Red Cross Society is as follows,

                       Chairman : Sri K. Raja Sankara Rao, Principal.
                       Secretary : Sri P.V. Hanumath Sastry, I/c Dept. of History.
                       Counsellor : Sri M. Anil Kumar, Sri Y. Ramanjanyulu.
                       Student Members : Sk. Akbar Basha, Sai Kiran

         N.S.S. Programme Officers Sri A. Hari Haranadha Sastry, Sri M. Anil Kumar Kum. B. Suseelavathi and Sri P.V. Hanumath Sastry N.S.S. P.G. Courses, extends full cooperation in conducting all programmes.

 The following are the details of programmes conducted

  1. AIDS Control drive (necessary material obtained from A.P. State AIDS control society, Hyderabad and distributed).

  2. Awareness programme on Blood Donations and Blood Grouping in colleges. The names of the persons of the college willing to donate blood in emergency are displayed on the college notice board.

  3. Water conservation programmes.

  4. Pollution control programmes.

  5. Education on population explosion.

  6. Emergencies like Fire, Flood and other Natural Calamities.

  7. Disaster preparedness Training.

  8. Creating awareness on road safety to prevent road accidents.

  9. Conducting Elocution/Essay competitions on issues of concern and awarding prizes.

  10. Observing world health day, blood donation day, anti-smoking day World Aids Day and the world disabled day.

  11. Prevention of liquor and drug addiction.

  12. Tree plantation and forestation.

  13. Promotion of cultural activities.

  14. Co-ordinating activities conducted in Guntur District.

  15. Arrangement of spittoons and dust bins in the college.

Lalith Kala Samithi - A Report

(Quiz, Debate, Literary, Cultural and Fine Arts Association)

            Lalitha Kala Samithi was established in 1957 under the guidance of the founder Principal Sri I. Ranganayakulu and it was assisted by Sri A. Suryanarayana, I/C Department of English, Sri Katta Brahmaiah, I/C Department of Zoology, Sri Madura Prasad, I/C Department of History, Sri Krishna Murty Sastry, I/C Department of Telugu, Sri K.V.K.Rama Rao, Librarian, Sri N.Siva Sastry, Sri Nageswarao and the students. The Association serves the student community and improves their creativity. Sri P.V. Hanumath Sastry has been serving the Samithi as Convener since 1995 with the co-operation of Mr. M. Anil Kumar, I/C Department of Political Science.


  1. To explore creative talents like acting, dancing, singing, painting, clay mould, writing plays and playlets, participating in symposiums, debate, elocution, quiz, floor crossing etc., and to provide training to talented students.

  2. To promote the hidden talent of the students and their latest views, trends and new ideals.

  3. Famous personalities of cinema, stage, television channel, All India Radio and Doordarshan were felicitated by our organization. Some of the renowned artists are Sri Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Sri N T Rama Rao, Sri C S R, Sri Padmanabham, Sri Allu Ramalingaiah, Sri Nagabhushanam, Sri S V Ranga Rao, Sri Gummadi, Smt. Vijaya Nirmala, Smt. Girija, Smt. Surya Kantham, Smt. Bhanumati, Sri Nagaiah, Smt. Sobha Silpa, Sri Gowtam Raju, Sri AVS, Sri Gundu Hanumantha Rao, Sri Viswanadh and cine singers too. Famous writers like Dr. Narayana Reddy, Sri Palagummi Padma Raju etc., Arudra, Gadiyaram, Panuganti, Manjusri, world famous mimicry artist Sri Nerella Venu Madhav, renowned stage artist Sri Arvapalli Subba Rao, Sri Peesapati Narasimha Murty, Sri Mokkapati and Bamidipati and Rayapati ,Sri P.Lakshmi Kantham and Dr.A.S.Rama Krishna visited the college on various occusions.

          During the last 6 years (2000 – 06) our students have one many awards and cash prizes. They have participated in 25 A.I.R. Programmes, 10 Doordarshan Programmes, 8 Janmabhoomi Programmes and 9 Ballads

Name of the Event Medals State Level Inter University South Zone Inter Collegiate District Level Cash Award
Telugu 2 Gold 48 46 - 47 28 9
English 1 Silver 57 49 - 47 28 9
Telugu 1 Gold 48 09 - 36 11 05
English - 05 - - 05 03 01
General 4 Gold 24 15 -- 15 10 02
Computer -- 10 -- -- 10 09 05
Commerce -- 03 -- -- 03 03 --
Mathematics -- 02 -- -- 04 04 --
Chanikya -- 05 -- -- 12 09 02
Spot Paint Brass 09 02 02 09 08 02
Rangoli -- 05 01 02 03 -- 01
Clay Mould -- 05 02 01 05 05 02
Poster Making -- 03 -- -- 05 03 --
Cartoon Making Brass 2 06 02 01 09 05 02
Light Music Silver 1, Brass 1 39 02 01 29 33 02
Classical Music -- 19 02 01 29 33 02
Instrumental Brass 2 29 02 02 19 28 03
Folk Music -- 15 02 01 19 16 01
Folk Dance -- 03 -- -- 05 03 --
Classical Dance -- 03 -- -- 02 01 --
Mono / Mime / Mimicry -- 09 02 01 09 15 02
Play / Play let / Skit -- 09 01 -- 08 08 02

Amarajeevi Potti Sree Ramulu Smarka Samithi(REGD.) - A Report

(State Level Intercollegiate Telugu Elocution, Quiz, Gold Medals, Silver Medals, Rolling Shields, Competitions)

         Amarajeevi Potti Sreeramulu Smaraka Samithi was established in 1958. The Smaraka Samithi has been working according to the guidelines of Sri I.Ranga Nayakulu the then Principal. Sri K. Kasi Rama Rao, President S S & N College Committee is the President of the Smaraka Samithi. Sri Nagasarapu Rama Rao, Secretary and Correspondent of S S & N College Committee is the Vice-President. Sri N. Mala Kondaiah, Sri M.R.K. Murthy, Sri P.V. Hanumath Sastry acted as Secretaries of the Samithi. Sri B.L. Narayana and Vikas Vidya Samsthalu sponsored two rolling shields for the Smaraka Samithi.

         A gold medal and a silver medal are instituted by Sri Nagasarapu Rama Rao and Sri N. Subbaraya Gupta. They are awarded to the winners at state level Telugu Elocution and Quiz Competitions every year. The permanent venue of the competitions is Lalitha Kala Pranganam, S S & N College Narasaropet.

         Ever since its inspection the Samathi has been conducting various competitions in the memory of Sri Potti Sreeramulu. The motto of the Smaraka Samithi is to encourage speaking of Telugu language and developing the spitit of patriotism in the students. This is the only Samithi that awards Gold and Silver medals and Rolling shields for the Telugu Elocution and Quiz Competitions in Andhra Pradesh.

Details of the winners of Gold, Silver Medals and Rolling Shields (2000-06)

Sl.No. Year Programme Names of the Awardees Name of the College Particulars of the Awards
1. 2000-01 Telugu Elocution N.Sri Hari & B.S.Bagavan Degree College, Vetapalem, Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada Winner, Gold Medal Runner, Silver Medal
    Quiz N.Hussain & Subhani, K.Mohanrao & S.R.Rao, S.Venu Gopal & P.Kishna Prasad A.N.R. College, Gudivada. B.S.S.S. College, Tadikonda B.S.N. College Winner of Gold Medal & Rolling Shield Runners of Silver Medal & Shield Runners of Silver Medal
2. 2000-02   Sk.Muhammad Gouse, S.Rama Rao S S & N College, Narasaraopet A.N.R.College, Gudivada Winner, Gold Medal & Rolling Shield Runner, Silver Medal
3. 2002-03 Telugu Elocution, Quiz K.Moahna Rao, Sk.Mahamad Gouse, N.Hussian & Subhani, Ramanarao & Krishna V.S.R. & Y.R. College, Tenali S S & N College, Narasaraopet S S & N College, Narasaraopet Silver Medal Gold Medal & Rolling shields Silver Medals
4. 2003-04 Telugu Elocution, Quiz D.Anitha Sailaja S.Rama Krishna Y.Rama Krishna & viswanath O.Ram Mohan & N.Sitaiah S S & N College, Narasaraopet S.K.R.B.R. College, Narasaraopet Sadineni Chowdaraiah Degree College Modern Degree College,Ch.Pet. Winner, Gold Medal Silver medal
5. 2004-05   D.Rama Krishna V.Bala Krishna P.N.C. & K.R. Degree College, Narasaraopet V.S.R. & Y.R. College, Tenali  
6. 2005-06 Telugu Elocution S.Ramesh Babu V.Bala Krishna S.K.R. & B.R. College,Narasaraopet V.S.R. & N.V.R. DegreeCollege, Tenali Silver Shield

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